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Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
The University of Georgia

The Daniel B. Warnell School of Foresty
The University of Georgia

"The wide staircase and cathedral shaped door with its intricate glass intrigued me when starting this painting. The symmetrical trees and shrubbery help to balance this full frontal view."

Established in 1906, the Daniel B. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources is the oldest existing forestry school in the South. Originally called the George Foster Peabody School of Forestry, the college began offering undergraduate degrees in forestry in 1909 and added a Master of Science program in 1917. In the mid-1930s students petitioned the Board of Regents and the governor for more faculty and improved facilities. Leaders responded, and in 1937 construction of a forestry building, Building 1, began. The post WWII building boom focused the nation's attention on the need for forest products, conservation and education. In 1951, the School established the wildlife management program and by 1963 had added a Ph.D. program in forestry. To recognize the contributions of wildlife, water and recreation as valuable forest resources, the name "Forestry" was changed to the School of Forest Resources in 1971. The School was renamed again in 1991, this time in honor of the late Daniel B. Warnell, a prominent Georgia banker, farmer and landowner, who served as a state legislator and senator in the 1930s. Today the School is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in forest resources management. Excellent facilities include four modern campus classroom buildings, laboratories, and more than 22,000 forested acres, used primarily for teaching and research.